…for the first time, an AI has out-gambled world-class players at heads-up, no-limit Texas Hold’em. Our representatives of humanity — Jason Les, Dong Kyu Kim, Daniel McAulay and Jimmy Chou — kept things relatively tight at the outset but a ill-fated shift in strategy wiped out their gains and forced them to chase the AI for the remaining weeks. At the end of day 20 and after 120,000 hands, Libratus claimed victory with daily total of $206,061 in theoretical chips and an overall pile of $1,766,250. “I think the worst result for the human team here would’ve been us showing up and losing and walking away thinking we could’ve done more, having some sort of regret,” said Jason Les, who came in fourth. CMU was quick to assure the team, though, that they had indeed given Libratus the best possible run for its (virtual) money. “This is a landmark step for AI,” said Libratus creator and Carnegie Mellon University professor Tuomas Sandholm in an email. “This is the first time that AI has been able to beat the best humans at Heads-Up No-Limit Texas Hold’em. More generally, this shows that the best AI’s ability to do strategic reasoning under imperfect information has surpassed that of the best humans.” [Engadget]

It seems like every month I hear about a new ceiling being broken by today’s robots and AI. I would not be surprised to find myself at retirement age in 35 years staring down the face of a robot nurse who can replicate human emotions. Maybe I’ll get one of them to help rob banks with me. No one would suspect a robot and an old dude.

DAMN YOU, MOON! Looks like we need to be shaking our fists at the moon more often:

In a new paper in Nature Astronomy, a team from Osaka University publishes its analysis of data gathered by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Selenological and Engineering Explorer, revealing that an isotope present in lunar regolith is a match for an isotope found in terrestrial, atmospheric oxygen. The authors hypothesize that the Earth’s magnetic tail brings charged particles from the Earth to the Moon. “The ions get out of the Earth’s atmosphere because when sunlight or the occasional cosmic ray hits atoms of oxygen (or any other gas) at the edge of space, those atoms can lose an electron, becoming charged. Earth’s magnetic field captures the resulting ions, and some get flung out into space. Terada told Space.com that the evidence for where the ions came from was the isotope oxygen-16. Earth’s upper atmosphere and the moon have relatively little oxygen-16, whereas the solar wind has more. The lunar soil’s oxygen content has three components: One is rich in oxygen-16, and that is from the solar wind. Another is poor in oxygen-16, and it wasn’t clear where that came from, until the team looked at the data and compared this component to the ions in Earth’s atmosphere.” [Boing Boing]

So the moonbuild a moon base has been stealing our oxygen! Next thing you know they’ll be stealing our women! Be vigilante and be weary of anyone who wants to – they’re just in cahoots.

Palette Cleanse

It almost looks like he’s doing trust falls, but none of his friends want any part of it. It’s like Mean Girls and he’s Gretchen.

MAYBE IT WON’T BE BAD AFTER ALL At least we can look forward to Bioware cleansing our souls from the horrifying events in the real world.

A new, original intellectual property from BioWare will launch by the end of this fiscal year, Electronic Arts announced on a conference call for investors. The action title is expected by March 31, 2018, when the company’s 2017 fiscal year ends. EA CEO Andrew Wilson teased details about the game, which is being worked on by members of the Mass Effect franchise. The game will have an online component of some kind, encouraging players to interact in a completely new setting. “It’s an action-adventure, not RPG,” Wilson added during the Q&A portion of the call. That’s a change of pace for BioWare, which is best known for its role-playing game franchises. [Polygon]

I’m sure we’ll be seeing its debut at E3 this year. Man, warmer weather and summer cannot come any sooner. It’s been like Seattle or London lately around where I live – perpetually cloudy and gloomy all day. I think it’s affected my mood.

YOUR DAILY PUMP UP Goldfinger was my go-to band for a long time in high school. Love those guys, maybe they’ll do a reunion – those things are all the rage nowadays.