According to Zendrive’s extensive three month study of three million US drivers, we’re use our phones at least once during 88 percent of our trips…The study analyzed 570 million trips over 5.6 billion miles and determined that on average, we used our phones instead of paying attention to the road for 3.5 minutes every hour. The state with the most distracted drivers was Vermont and the least distracted was Oregon. Both have hand-held phone bans. The most distracted city was Los Angeles while California as a whole was one of the least distracted states. With motor vehicle deaths up six percent in 2016 from 2015, and 14 percent from 2014 to 2016, this study is a stark reminder that while automobiles are getting safer, drivers are actually getting worse behind the wheel. Taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds increases the possibility of a crash 24 times. It takes an average of five seconds to text during which a car traveling at 55 miles per hour can cover an entire football field. [Engadget]

I’ll admit I’ve done some texting or ordering Five Guys on my way home from work. I try to do this at a red light, but I’ve been a bad driver. It’s easy to think that since you’re driving on your routine route that you don’t need to pay attention as much. Although we need to stop blaming the technology and start to look at ourselves because if I read some article about how our phones are keeping us distracted and disconnected from each other I’m gonna blow a gasket.

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RUN, FORREST, RUN Looks like this guy is living. Like, L-I-V-I-N living.

He’s calling the run, “Going The Distance” and it began back on September 15th in Mobile, Alabama. Within the first 72 days, Pope had already jogged to California before turning around at the Santa Monica Pier (just like in the movie). After that, he made stops in Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, and Washington D.C. while running up to 50 miles every day. When he began his journey, he was clean-shaven and had just gotten a close-crop haircut resembling Tom Hanks’ character’s iconic look. All you need to do is take a look at his Instagram and you’ll see the transformation (just like Gump himself) Pope has made in the seven month’s since his journey began. After those many months of jogging, he now has long, curly hair and an epic beard even Lieutenant Dan would admire…And he’s not doing it just for something to do, like Gump did in the movie. Pope’s using his (very long) jog to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund as well as Peace Direct. As silly as the concept seems, the run is raising money for charities he believes in. [Uproxx]

I mean, I’ve been gearing up (pun intended!) for a bike ride (45 miles) and it is daunting. I can’t even imagine anything beyond that. So kudos to you Robert Pope, you magnificent bastard.

Pallete Cleanse

She’s like Homer Simpson in real life. Although that would mean she was holding onto something…

DEAR GOD This is probably just scratching the surface of all the Eldritch horrors lying in at the bottom of the ocean:

What you’re looking at is a giant shipworm—a scientific legend that can grow to over five feet long. It’s actually a super-elongated mollusk, one that grows vertically in sediment, excreting a thick shell and poking two siphons out of the muck. It is, as biologists note, really weird. Such biologists have long known what made these tusk-like shells, but couldn’t manage to get their hands on a live animal. Until 2010, when a scientist watching Philippine TV happened to catch a documentary about the men who dive for the things, and was finally able to track them down. Where in the Philippines, exactly, will remain a secret. The shells can fetch $200, so in the interest of preserving the species, marine biologist Daniel Distel and the other scientists who write about the critter today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences are withholding the location. [Wired]

I can’t even.

YOUR DAILY PUMP UP Despite the laid back approach Explosions in the Sky take to their music, sometimes you just feel it. Their new album has grown on me over the past couple months.