Terms of Service

Hello! Daily of the Day, also known as DotD, here to talk to you guys about what exactly it is you’re getting yourself into when you visit our site. We would like this to be a safe and fun place to visit, while still encouraging you fine folks to carry on well-meaning, well-thought out discussions. Or just general nonsense. Whichever you really feel like, we don’t care. You know, as long as you’re not an a-hole about it.

Things that we expect from you because you are a human being with manners and hopefully your momma done raised you right:

We’re not talking about the delicious stuff that comes in a tin can. Seriously. Have you tried a spam sandwich? It’s so good!
We digress. DotD will delete any and all comments that are of a spammy nature. If you are shilling a product unrelated to the content material within multiple comment threads, we will delete and blacklist you. If you have been flagged for spam, we will review the comment and delete at our own discretion. If you are posting from a burner email with suspicious content, we will delete you and put you up for review to be blacklisted. In general, the content of the comment must remain somewhat in line with the content of the postings or with the parent comment thread.
Again, just don’t be an a-hole.

We’re pretty lax here. But if you start posting weird fan fiction or go into incredible horrific detail about your one night stand from the night before, we’ll ask you to stop. Or if you start posting pictures of boobs, lady parts or man parts willy nilly, we will delete it and ask you to stop.

We like you guys. We really do. But if you stick your parts where they don’t belong and end up giving us some sort of weird virtual disease, we’re not going to be happy and will probably try to prosecute you. We are poor and we don’t want to do this. But if it comes down to that, we’ll charge you for any and all legal expenses. So..keep it in your pants, alright?

It honestly kills us to even have to write this, because really? We absolutely will not tolerate hate or bigotry at DotD. We understand that at times, jokes can contain hints of these traits. All comments of that nature will be read and reviewed for appropriateness. However, when it comes to the issue of violence or harm towards a member of the DotD community, we will utilize an immediate blacklist. This means that threatening violence on another reader will not be tolerated. Threatening the wish of self harm towards another reader will not be tolerated (so, don’t tell people to go kill themselves, because we know you can be more creative than that). We do not take issues of that nature lightly.

Again, don’t be an a-hole.

Daily of the Day also reserves the right to edit and delete comments if they violate the terms of service. But that takes a lot of work, so we’d prefer it if you just didn’t do it in the first place…because if we’re sitting here editing and deleting your comments, that means less time finding awesome content for you. So, really, you’re just hurting yourself when you’re being an a-hole.
If at any point we feel that you have violated these terms, we will implement a three strike rule. Once, we will warn you. Twice, we will warn you and publicly shame you. Three times? WELL, YOU CAN TAKE YOUR COMMENTS ELSEWHERE BECAUSE YOU’RE EITHER A PERV OR REALLY MEAN.


Do not, under any circumstance, steal our intellectual property. Even if you were triple dog dared to do it, we will find you and we will unleash our hounds (aka, our lawyers) to hunt you down and make you pay. If you do wish to use anything that is on our site, please cite or source credit us properly to avoid the releasing of the hounds. Seriously. They’re really hard to wrangle up once they get out. We don’t like doing it. Also, you will pay for all litigation that happens during that time. So, there’s that too.
As well, if you are submitting content for our site, you are either sourcing where you received it or guaranteeing it as your own. No content will be accepted without accreditation to the owner of the intellectual property. If something that you submit turns out to be not your own, yet you give us permission to use it, you will be held responsible for any and all litigation that results from that and will pay dearly (dun dun dunnnnnn). DotD will not be held responsible for being misled on the content of stolen intellectual property.

We are link happy. We like to link out to third parties because 1. we like to support other communities and 2. we don’t like to steal material.

That being said, we are not responsible for the views, opinions and content of the sites we link out to. Sometimes, they might be huge a-holes. Most of the time, they’re totally cool. But in the case that they do turn out to be a-holes, don’t blame us.

If you have an issue with us, talk to us first. If that issue cannot be resolved, then it will be taken to court. All litigation will take place in the State of Maryland or the State of Washington, where the two owners of the site reside. That’s just the way it is. Any and all filings and proceedings must take place within the State of Maryland or Washington and must be in direct correlation with Maryland or Washington law, depending on where the suits are to be filed. Any frivolous lawsuits that do not lie in accordance with these terms will be thrown out and the plaintiff will cover all costs of litigation.

At any time, Daily of the Day reserves the right to alter, change or add to this agreement. By clicking on our site and reading the content, you are agreeing to the terms of service.

If at any given point Daily of the Day fails to enforce any one of these terms, this does not mean that users are given the free reign to continue to do them. We are a community and it is up to us as an entirety to monitor this site. If you feel you have been wrongfully edited, deleted or blacklisted, please email us at suggest@dailyoftheday.com and we will review your account.

Bottom line? Don’t be an a-hole.