The video game industry has made an offer to the SAG-AFTRA-represented video game voice actors, but the union won’t put it to a vote in front of its members. Interactive Video Game Companies (VGC; the group representing the game industry) offered a nine percent raise that “accelerates the 3 percent annual increase sought by SAG-AFTRA negotiators over a three-year period” according to a statement. The publishers also have offered up to $950 more per game depending on how many voice sessions an actor does. The VGC’s offer would raise day-rate for a four hour recording or on-camera session to $900. While these pay jumps sound fine on paper, they ignore the union’s biggest concerns: stunt pay for intense voice sessions and compensation that comes on the back-end, like bonuses based on the amount of copies a game sells or subscribers it has [Engadget]

Good for them – video games, especially those AAA games, are notoriously for having bloated budgets but it doesn’t necessarily go to the right people. So any of those games coming out next year are more than likely going to be terribly-voiced over affairs. Good thing we have Final Fantasy XV coming out this year.



Based on a true story El Chapo’s escape and capture are already things of legend, now it’s really starting to sound like a movie:

The judge who presided over the appeals hearing of Mexican drug cartel figure Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was recently assassinated near his home in Metepec, Mexico, as reported by The Telegraph. What makes the story even more bone chilling is how Judge Vicente Bermudez was jogging near his home when the event was caught on security footageThe Telegraph reported Bermudez had been rushed to a local hospital, but doctors were not able to save him. Bermudez had been embroiled with cases concerning El Chapo’s Sinaloa cartel and others. [Uproxx]

This is just…insane. Like, we all know who did it. Sure, he didn’t do it himself, but c’mon, it’s not like El Chapo’s known for his subtlety.


Haunting Looks like we have a winner for the creepiest kid ever.

Demolitions crews in Albuquerque, New Mexico just discovered a time capsule from 1968 near a former elementary school. And based on the messages discovered inside, some kids of the late 1960s had a pretty creepy vision for the future. Or, perhaps, a creepy vision of their present. Some of the letters discovered in the 1968 capsule are, of course, from kids who wrote about their favorite TV shows (Lost in Space) and their favorite bands (The Monkees). But one kid named Greg Lee Youngman wrote about how he’s actually dead. He signed the letter with, “See you later savages.” It reads: “I am dead. I go to Montgomery School. That is the olden school name. I was born 1900. You auto now I dead. My favorite subject is spooking the police. I play the guitar. In case you don’t know what it is, it is board with strings on then. I am 10 years old. See you later savages.” [Gizmodo]

That kid is most definitely dead. He probably lived the greatest life on earth and we will never know. Please somebody make a movie about this.