When asked by CNBCwhether or not he thought carbon dioxide was the “primary control knob” for global warming, new EPA chief Scott Pruitt suggested that it wasn’t a “primary contributor.” The answer is a bit fuzzy (it’s merged with a broader attempt to cast doubt on the human role in climate change), but it’s still far from flattering — either he’s trying to downplay basic climate science for the sake of his fossil fuel industry friends, or he genuinely doesn’t know how it works. To put it simply: CO2 is at the very heart of climate change, whether or not you believe the scientific consensus that humans make a significant contribution to that change. It’s the most common greenhouse gas after water vapor, and it has a clear effect on planetary temperatures by trapping heat. Venus likely became a hellscape because of CO2, and the chemical may well have contributed to mass extinction events in Earth’s past. If CO2 levels spike, whether it’s due to coal power plants or volcanoes, the planet gets warmer. [Engadget]

What’s really happening is that every cabinet position is really a super stealth agent assigned to dismantle the agency they’re assigned to. Just keep lying and un-validating the agency’s existence by removing the reason it’s around. Department of Education – GONE! Kids learn better by making mistakes, not by book learning! And how can we trust books when they’re written by scientists. I mean history is written by the victors, right? So let’s create a child labor force because they’ll know a good, earned dollar and everyone will feel better about themselves.