Book Club Information

Welcome to Daily of the Day’s Book Club. This is a place for users who love to read and enjoy discussing books. Everyone is welcome to join, so don’t be shy if you don’t regularly comment on the site.

Important Information

  • Click the Book Club tag at the top of the homepage to find discussion posts quickly.
  • You can choose to participate every month or just read the books that interest you.
  • Each book will have a month devoted to discussing it.
  • Discussion posts will be categorized by sections, so be careful when clicking on posts to avoid spoilers.
  • Make sure you are selecting the appropriate post to comment on. Spoiler posts will be deleted if they show up in the wrong comment section.
  • Everyone is welcome to share their thoughts, just make sure that you are being respectful to other users.
  • Try not to get off track during discussions. It’s great that you’re really digging a new song, but book club is not the best place to talk about it.

Happy Reading!