Another day, another data breach. While everyone is focused on pre-holiday activities, the Navy reveals that it was notified by Hewlett Packard Enterprise in October about a compromised laptop. Now, an investigation has determined that names and social security numbers of 134,386 current and former sailors had been accessed by unknown individuals. Other than dumping the news out while few are paying attention, the Navy says it will notify those affected “in the coming weeks,” by phone, letter and email. At this point, the Navy says it has not found evidence the information is being misused, but similar to the OPM data breach last year, this could have far-reaching consequences. [Endgadget]

Hot damn, you just are going to have to expect that someday you personal info will be leaked. It’s just the nature of the game in the past few years. Not that companies and the government shouldn’t be working towards beefing up security, but you just never know.

Palette Cleanse

White rainbows are real, folks. Hopefully white rainbows are just as inclusive as regular rainbows.

Feel good Looks like the internet is full of good people and not just trolls:

A family’s selfie against the backdrop of a Scottish cliffside has gone viral. However, as majestic as those cliffs are, it’s not the image itself that has caught the internet’s attention. Rather, people are coming together to try and identify the faces in the picture so the family can be reunited with their camera. [Mashable]

Godspeed, little doodle.

Your daily pump up The king of all cover bands, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes have put out a lot of great covers. But nothing compares to their rendition of R. Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly